The Sunday Afternoon Wildfire

Posted by Ken Klemm, partner on 1/30/2017
The Sunday Afternoon Wildfire
No, this is not a picture from a hollywood movie. This was our Sunday — hardly a day of rest. A wildfire began as a result of a neighbor's controlled burn that was re-ignited by high winds. In the photo, taken by one of the brave firemen, the line of fire was less than 1/2 mile away and moving at 20mph toward us.

We responded by hooking up tillage tools and began disking the ground in front of the fire as the rural fire crews started dousing it with water. Together, we got it stopped just 400 yards away from one of our ranch headquarters.

With good spring rains, the burned grass will come back just fine. We’ll manage our grazing this year to help it all we can. However, the areas were we had to disk the ground will take years to fully recover.

Our buffalo were unaffected as they were a few miles away. However, we did have some horses in the fire's path. But thanks to the quick action by our son Colter, we were able to get them out of danger with little time to spare.

Thank you to everyone near and far for your help and prayers of support!