Changing with the times, yet forever Legendary.

Posted by Ken Klemm, Partner on 11/1/2017
Changing with the times, yet forever Legendary.
You may have noticed a few changes in our online product offerings, or may have missed seeing our products in your local grocery store.  Don’t worry, the ranch and our Legendary Meat is still as legendary as ever. However, as the marketplace changes, so must we.

Unfortunately, like many other small businesses, we have succumbed to the forces of “big” despite our efforts to supply grocers and internet shipping. Our bread-and-butter retail outlets have been the mom-and-pop natural health food stores. Unfortunately, these stores also have succumbed to the “big” trend and have mostly closed or been consolidated into the big chains. We’ve made the hard decision to stay quality, personal and high-value vs going big, low-quality and low-value. As a result, we’re in the process of reformatting our business to focus on regional direct-delivery service. 

Sadly, this means that thousands of our valued customers will no longer have access to our meat and some of our signature products (hot dogs, etc.) will be, or have been already, discontinued. We deeply regret this unavoidable development. However, we're pleased with the opportunity to be able to focus more fully on our wholes, halves, and quarters customers. We're also excited at the possibilities of expanding this model into other markets as supply and opportunity present themselves. Be assured, we’re still here treating the land and animals right and providing nature’s best meat to as many folks as we can! 

If you’d like the opportunity to buy a whole, half or quarter of our Legendary Bison or Grass Fed Beef in a city that is outside our regular delivery area, please contact us. We welcome your request and will diligently determine if the logistics can be solved.  Thank you and as always, we appreciate the opportunity to supply the you with the healthiest, tastiest meat available.    

Yours Always,

Ken & Peter

The Buffalo Guys