Why Go To the Grocery? Part 2

Posted by Ken Klemm on 4/10/2018 to News
Why Go To the Grocery? Part 2

In my last post I revealed how the modern “big and cheap” model of food production and distribution has virtually eliminated the mom-and-pop natural health food stores in favor of the big-box corporate-driven model.  We’ve also learned how the nutrient content of our food has severely declined over the last several decades as man has learned how to use modern technology to mine the soil and grow “Hollywood Foods” – foods that look good but are empty.

We’ve relearned what Hippocrates taught 2400 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  So now, let’s see what happens to all those natural, organic claims when the big and cheap model supplants the diverse universe of true agricultural craftsman…  

Most folks don’t know this but the largest exporter of “organic” food to the US is Turkey.  Yes, the country.  If you feel that Turkey may not be capable of, or even sincerely interested in, going through the laborious process of growing organic food and keeping the meticulous records required, you are right.  Recently, a ship laden with “organic” grain was sampled at port and found to contain only some organic grain, artfully blended with regular, run-of-the-mill, GMO, chemical-grown stuff. And that was only one ship tested!

An investigation ensued, and it was discovered that much of the grain wasn’t really coming from Turkey after all and had changed hands so many times that its actual origin couldn’t even be located, much less verified as organic.  This “organic” grain was destined, as all the prior shiploads before it, to “organic feedlots” for beef, chicken, turkey, and pork production and to other corn processors.     

Lest, you think that the good ‘ole US of A is a paragon of honor and transparency, I can tell you, from over 15 years of being in the food business, that the big corporate accounts only cared if the right boxes were checked on their forms; whereas, many of the mom-and-pop outfits actually met me, visited the ranch and personally asked me very probing, revealing questions so they could in turn be accountable to you.

So, what’s a consumer to do who just wants real food, grown on real, healthy soils and honestly represented?!! Who has the time for all of this?!!

Here’s how to make it simple:

First, check out this great little resource to find out which dozen fruits and vegetables are the most likely to be laden with chemicals.  https://draxe.com/dirty-dozen/ 

Grow some of your own or buy organic varieties of these and always choose Product of the USA. 

When buying meat, one should know that organic regulations for meat production are off-base and, instead, create much unneeded expense that bring zero value to the consumer, while overlooking many other important factors that do bring value.  In short, organically grown meat is not worth the extra money and misses the mark.

Instead, look for Product of USA meat raised without added hormones or antibiotics. Never - Ever.  And, if the wallet can swing it, look for grass-fed options.

Most importantly, in the meat realm, – KNOW YOUR GROWER!  Cheaters abound!

I am aware of a grass-fed beef purveyor that has been known to occasionally call up an acquaintance of mine and order a truckload of slaughter beef right off his conventional, grain-fed feedlot.  These are then cut up and sold through the big and cheap food marketing system and labeled as “grass-fed”. 

This is supremely dishonest and it’s what puts the honest grass-fed beef growers out of business.  If you think the government should catch these sorts of folks, you will be sad to learn that the government has zero manpower to police and catch such cheaters.  This doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.

Production claims of no-hormones, no antibiotics, and grass-fed are best monitored and verified by a third-party organization called the American Grass-Fed Association (AGA for short).  They do on-site inspections and have very stringent guidelines.  We just finished our inspection and, again, passed with flying colors.

We can provide you with our AGA Certified bison or grass-fed beef, as well as, our grain-offered bison, delivered right to your door.  If you want to know how we raise them, just ask us – we’re the actual growers.  Or, better yet, come and see for yourself.  We offer complete transparency.

Last year we were honored as a finalist for the prestigious Leopold Conservation Award for our work with soil health and other conservation measures.  Our soils are healthy and alive and our animals live in a clean environment where they are humanely-treated.   Our healthy ranch can provide you and your family with our with nutrient-dense and perfectly delicious meat.

We’ve supplied 4 and 5 star restaurants with our meat because of its gourmet quality.  The quality can’t be beat - at a price that’s better than your big-box, “natural” food store because you’re buying direct from the grower.

And we deliver.

To your door!

Experience how easy it is and how good you’ll feel knowing you have a freezer full of the most healthful, nutrient dense, and most delicious meat on the planet.  We’ve hand-delivered our meat to homes for over 20 years and we’d love to help you and your family stay strong and healthy, too!  Give us a call or send us an email so we can get you on our route and fill your freezer!

Ken - The Buffalo Guy