Prairie Legends Conservation Bison Auction

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Prairie Legends Conservation Bison Auction

Prairie Legends Conservation Bison Auction

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sheraton Airport Hotel ¤ Albuquerque, New Mexico ¤ 6:45 PM MT

Be part of the bison industry's first-ever bison auction specifically created to be bison friendly and to bring truly range-raised, conservation-class bison to a vibrant, profitable market. The sale will feature top-cut breeding stock, larger lots of commercial quality breeding stock, as well as feeder/slaughter-ready production-class animals from many well-known and respected herds.

Prairie Legends Bison, LLC has retained Jud Seaman of Quality Auction Services, LLC to conduct the simulcast video auction.  Animals/herds will be videoed prior to sale day and this video will be replayed during the live simulcast auction for bidders present at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Albuquerque, NM and on the Internet for those that choose to bid from home.  Dinner will be served for registered bidders and consignors prior to the auction.   

To have animals included in the sale, consignors must have production models and animals that meet specified criteria (see below).  Prairie Legends Bison, LLC will evaluate each operation by these criteria. The principles of Prairie Legends Bison, LLC are Ken & Laurie Klemm of Goodland, KS and Mimi Hillenbrand of Rapid City, SD.

Three words can be used to describe this sale.  Transparency. Range-Raised. Conservation.

To qualify as a consignor, specific stewardship criteria must be met.  Consignors that fall short of these criteria, but are making progress, may still be able to participate.  These exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis by Prairie Legends staff.

·         Herds must be managed in methods that increase the health of the land, the bison, and the people (see stewardship criteria).

·    Full and transparent data regarding birthplace (purchased or home-raised), herd health, vaccinations, feeding regimens, salt and mineral supplementation, weights, breeding/production records, etc., are required to participate and will be offered to buyers prior to the auction.  Consignors can include additional information as desired.  

·         Consignors must submit a written affidavit confirming adherence to the stewardship criteria as well as the truthfulness of any and all claims made.

·         Properties and records must be open and available by appointment for inspection by Prairie Legends Bison agents.

·         Consignors will be encouraged to personally represent their animals at sale time.

Contact Ken Klemm, Mimi Hillenbrand or Jud Seaman to book your animals or register as a bidder.

Ken Cell 651-336-9498 [email protected]

Mimi Cell 605-381-4956 [email protected]

Jud Cell 605-390-1419 [email protected]

Auction Specifics

Top Cut Sales will be a select few animals chosen by the consignor from their herd that represent the finest of the class.  These will be sold individually.  All other animals will be sold in larger lots.

A 6% sales commission and a prorated charge for advertising will be assessed to all consignors.  Commission on volume sales over $250,000/consignor are 5.5%.  A $10/head fee for Top-Cut animals sold, and $1/head for all other animals sold will be withheld from the consignors proceeds and donated to the National Bison Association Herd Growth Fund (501c3) on behalf of the consignor.  Also, Prairie Legends Bison, LLC will donate a percentage of the sales total to the National Bison Association to be used specifically for the advancement of the National Bison Association Conservation Management Program.

Buyers will be required to submit sure payment of 25% of their total due on sale day.  Buyer and consignor will organize and coordinate shipment date/times and final payment terms.  Each party will notify Prairie Legends Bison when the amount due has been paid and the animals have transferred possession to the buyer.  At such time, Prairie Legends Bison will release the remaining funds (the amount paid at sale day minus deductions and sales commission) to the consignor.

Herd Data Questionnaire:

Birth place and approximate birth date of animals to be listed:

Complete feed/nutritional regimen:

Vaccination history:

Deworming history:

Culling & Retention protocol for the breeding herd that the animals came from:

Size of breeding herd:

Size of land base:

How long have you been raising bison? How long at this location?:

Average cow weight:

Average (or usual range) of pregnancy (and/or weaning rate):

What types of pasture fences are the animals trained to?:

What land management style is followed?  (Rotational grazing, season long-grazing, etc.):

What method are the animals moved? (call, drive, both, horseback, pickups, 4 whlrs, etc):

Do you have any information about the genetic lineage of your herd to share?:

Is your breeding herd composed of plains, woods, or a mix of both?

Do you have any DNA test results to share?:

Please provide weight data that shows how the animals offered for sale compare to their age/sex classmates:

Please provide any additional information that you feel would be helpful: