Good Land Grass Fed Beef Burger Patties

Good Land Grass Fed Beef Burger Patties

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These are a super convenient way to enjoy healthful, grass fed beef. These pre-made patties can go from the frozen package to your plate in less than 8 minutes. Minimum 88% lean. Packed 2 patties per each interior package and 4 patties per box. Each order contains 5 retail boxes containing four frozen 1/4 lb patties per box (5 lbs total/20 patties).

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This item is on deep discount due to the short date printed on the package (one year from manufacture). This date in no way implies the product is not healthful and wholesome. Many folks have discovered that buying these deeply discounted products results in saving significant money while helping to keep perfectly good food from being wasted. Buy and enjoy with confidence! Simply add 2 or 4 in your cart to see the automatic discount!

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