Buffalo (Bison) Bones and Offal - No Ship

Buffalo (Bison) Bones and Offal - No Ship

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We offer buffalo (bison) bones for broth and offal.  Both are for human consumption.  Items include oxtail and the major bones that are fantastic for soups, stews and other creations. Offal includes heart, liver, kidneys and tongue.  This is 100% REAL American Buffalo (bison) - not cheap water buffalo knock-off. 


Additionally, we make a wonderful 100% meat pet food by grinding the offal of our bison and packing it into ~1 lb chubs.  Cats and dogs simply love this product.  This product is not for human consumption. 


Both products are frozen and can be added to your meat order.  Bone or offal only orders cannot be filled (due to shipping) - except for local pick-up orders.   See our other bison items to learn more about our delivery systems!


$2.00/lb. for any of the above. Supplies are limited.

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