Customer Testimonials

  • I simply wanted to say thank you for making a line of products with real attention to detail and a focus on quality food and ingredients. Our 7-year old son has a number of food allergies and the quality of your ingredients in products that our family likes to eat is so important to us. I'm originally a farm kid from Northeast Kansas before moving to the Kansas City metro a number of years ago and know farming and ranching is a lot of work. You should take great pride in knowing that you're doing a good job and that your products are truly appreciated by him and our entire family. Again, I just wanted to say thanks.

    ~Dave - Kansas City, KS


  • Hello Buffalo Guys,

    My name is Ryan and I live in Colorado. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and my world came crashing down around me. I had severe damage in my small intestine and I was severely underweight. I am 6'1" tall and on 1-6-12 I weighed 128 pounds. My wife and I frantically tried to figure out what I could and couldn't eat.

    We learned of your product at our local Vitamin Cottage store and started buying it. Let me tell you straight with no exaggeration that your buffalo meat helped save my life. For 2 years I have consumed your bison every day and it is the only meat I can eat. I have a fridge sized freezer in the garage packed with burgers, steaks, ground, and stew meat!

    Thank you with all my soul for what you do!! You are doing an amazing thing for people in a world filled with toxic foods. I cannot consume gluten (wheat, barley, rye), and oats gave me an anaphylaxis shock seizure so painful it was equivalent to being bitten by a viper. Celiac Disease is a highly misunderstood auto-immune disorder and it is much more dangerous than people know. My small intestine may never heal and I battle malabsorption, but your bison keeps me strong.

    Thank you for raising, feeding, and processing your bison the right way...God's way. P.S. I have pictures of bison in the house now and I praise God every time I see them.

    They are a mighty and beautiful animal!

    ~Ryan from Colorado


  • Hi I just wanted to let you guys know that I've ordered probably 3 or 4 times from you so far-I'm extremely pleased with the speed of shipment, the quality, the packaging, and especially the taste!! I ordered a package of steaks from you and asked for expedited shipping the other day-long story short, Fed Ex screwed up and the package sat in their warehouse over the weekend. The steaks were ruined. I called as soon as they came in, and the person I talked to IMMEDIATELY remedied the situation-she credited my account for the extra price of the expedited shipping and reshipped different steaks with ABSOLUTELY no problem!! I was amazed! Your guarantee is the real thing!! Thank you so much for all the great service. I'll be ordering from you for a long time to come :) ~ Kris from Illinois


  • Hi,  I am one of your customers. I ordered 4 of the London Broils and cooked the first one last night on my "Big Green Egg". It was awesome! It was the tastiest thing ever to come off the egg. Why would anyone still be eating beef with all the hormones, additives, fertilizer etc added in? Buffalo meat is so much tastier with a fraction of the fat and none of the poisons! ~Tom in Crumpler, NC 


  • I recently tried your products that I purchased from my local health food store. It was unbelievable. I never want to consume another meat product from a different source. I tried different buffalo before and was unimpressed. I am unable to eat most foods. My diet is very limited. I keep myself healthy and grounded by eating whole fresh foods, which is extremely scarce. I even ate the buffalo hotdogs and did not have any type of allergic or negative reaction. I have not had a hotdog in so many years. It was great. Thank you so very much for producing a meat that i can thrive on. Your efforts and hard work are so greatly appreciated and admired. I can guarantee I will email again. I am so excited to have this product to feed my family. Thank you!! Your life-long customer.  ~ Melanie in Texas


  • Hi Leigh, Thanks for your personal note! We are doing great, vet business is busy, even at this slow time of year. I had to get an order in quick. My kids are desperate for Buffalo dogs (I won't buy anything else so we've gone without eating hotdogs for a couple of weeks!) We bbq'd the ribs and they were the BEST we've ever had - truly. I didn't have time to season or fuss with them, just tossed them on the grill and...perfection! FYI...we've found an outstanding BBQ sauce that you might want to give a try...Laura's Habanero Sauce and the regular sauce is just as good, but not as spicy, at A friend had told us that she likes to eat at the restaurant when traveling near Austin and we've seen the sauce highlighted on the Food Network. Hey...have yall ever thought about getting on Food Network to advertise? Just a thought. Back to the Buffalo, the Mexican Buffaloaf was a hit with the entire family. I am amazed that my four kids are so crazy about all of the buffalo that we've purchased from yall and kids can be so picky. We've enjoyed trying out different things that"Buffalo Guys" sells and so far we've not found a thing that didn't become our new favorite food! Hope yall have a great holiday season...Take care, ~ Lory


  • I just wanted to follow up with you all in order to let you know that your product is absolutely fantastic. The meat was packed excellently (it was still frozen when it arrived), and it tasted really fresh. I cooked the meat during my father's 60th birthday party and everyone was raving about the taste of the buffalo versus beef (maybe it was my awesome cooking ability.....just kidding). I have ordered buffalo meat from other suppliers on the internet (some have even been featured on the Food Network) and so far you all have the best value on specials, packing technique, and freshness! I have already passed on your internet address to my family and friends who attended the party and I look forward to the same quality from The Buffalo Guys on my future orders. THANK YOU!!!! ~ Charles


  • Just tried your blue label Jerky that I found at a health food store in Show Low, AZ. I have to say this is the FINEST jerky product I've ever had! I will be in touch shortly to order some of your meat products as Christmas Gifts...Thanks for keeping the products hormone, nitrate and MSG free... I'm hooked! ~ Former Cheyenne gal living in AZ


  • I recently purchased two of your buffalo loins for a US Interior Department cookout. I marinated them overnight in a light mesquite marinade and cooked them according to your directions on the gas grill with indirect moist heat. The result was truly outstanding. There was not one bite left. Your buffalo made for an extremely successful and enjoyable gathering both for the flavor of the food and because the buffalo is the symbol of the Interior Department. Thank you for your product and for your cooking hints. ~ John Barton US Interior Department US Geological Survey


  • Ken, You "guys" are great! - And when my 15 yr. old daughter who is a "vegetarian" asks for a buffalo burger, you know you're on to something very good. Testimonial #5000! Take Care ~ Don


  • Hi Ken,  I just want you to know that I am pleased to do business with a company such as yours.  It's refreshing to know that there are still folks that sell a product and try their very best to insure that the customer is happy.  Part 2: LOL I need Patty's last name and address at the call center and also your last name and an address for you. Donna and I are sending you both a little something just to say thanks for all that you both have done for us. HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!  ~ John


  • Ken, Today at about 10 a.m. I received my meat order and I must say that I was extremely impressed by the packaging, all of it. Congratulations on getting the glitches out of the packing and shipping issues and doing a thorough job of fine-tuning. Very, very nice. Thank you! ~ Fred


  • Ken, You were right. The jerky did show up in today's mail. Thanks for getting back to me. The buffalo meat is great!  ~ Steve


  • Hi Ken, Thank you for sending the replacement rib-eye roast. I haven't cooked it yet. I am still working on some buffalo meat in our freezer. We just had the rib-eye steaks, with red wine pan sauce and parsley potatoes. It was excellent! I'll let you know when I roast the rib-eye replacement roast. Thanks again, ~ Louise


  • We received our 1st. order from you folks and I must say - your meat is great. We have enjoyed the steaks and last night “Formanized” the burgers. We will be back. Have shared with others so hope that generates business for you! Well done people!!! ~ Mike


  • I recently purchased some of your buffalo burger patties and a buffalo pot roast. My two sons, who generally won't touch any food that doesn't look like a hot dog or taste like a pizza, went nuts over the barbecue buffalo sandwiches I made from the roast. Great product! Wonderful product! I love bison meat now.  ~ Peyton


  • Ken, I've received the order of meat, less the Jerky. I was wondering when you anticipate the delivery of the Jerky. I understand this part of the order is not frozen, but I was just curious. Also, I would like to say that I cooked some patties and the taste is absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to try the steaks! ~ Bill Part 2 Ken, Just checked my mail and got the Jerky and tried a piece of it... it is good stuff! I can't wait till tomorrow when I plan on cooking some patties for the kids, steaks for the adults. Once again, the meat tastes great and is better than beef as far as protein, cholesterol, and fat content. I am converting from beef to Bison and will be discussing with you in the very near future about a larger order of the Bison! You are more than welcome to use any of my comments on your website! P.S. I just can't believe the mild and sweetness of the meat.. It is just fantastic! ~ Bill Again


  • Hi Ken - Thanks for your persistence and follow-through in getting my order processed. We've had great compliments from the people that we've sent your products to, so I'm thrilled to be able to use your services again. Have a great summer.  ~Dawn