Buffalo Back Ribs

Price: $34.95

Very meaty and tasty buffalo ribs. Ready to go and very convenient! Approx. 4 lbs. per box. Rib count may vary.

Our buffalo back ribs are very similar in size to the beef back ribs that you get in a restaurant. The meat is found mostly on one side of the rib and between the ribs. The bones are long and rather thin and are regularly spaced through the width of the meat. The taste is similar to prime rib as these are the ribs directly under the prime rib. Unlike a prime rib, there is a certain amount of connective tissue as can be expected with any rib. We find that about one pound of our back ribs will feed one average person.

Our buffalo short ribs resemble country style pork ribs in shape, although the bones are larger than pork ribs. The short ribs have a thicker piece of meat covering the ribs than the back ribs and therefore have a greater meat to bone ratio. Compared to the back ribs, the bones are much shorter and thicker while still being regularly spaced throughout the cut. The short ribs come from the same region as the prime rib. We find that about three-quarters of a pound of our back ribs will feed one average person.