Grass Fed Beef

Have you reached the point where you are concerned about the healthfulness and quality of the meat you are consuming? Put your concerns away and enjoy the real flavor and assurance of our Good Land Grass Fed Beef!

All meat is not created equal. Our meat is raised the way nature intended — range raised with little handling by humans. Our herds thrive with natural breeding and no antibiotics or added hormone treatment. One bite of our clean, deep red meat and you'll discover exactly how delicious and healthful red meat can be.

Our Spanish cattle, raised naturally, are the source of the tastiest, most healthful grass fed beef on the market.  These hardy cattle posses a higher nutritional content than their feedlot brethren and they are the pinnacle of delicious, mouthwatering beef.  In terms of leanness, our cattle are akin to bison, and similarly require only a diet of grass and water to thrive.  From these simple components, Good Land Grass Fed Beef is able to offer flavorful beef to be enjoyed by everyone from families gathered around a BBQ, to patrons of the swankiest gourmet steakhouses and to your local natural health food store.

Our cattle are 100% American. Like their Spanish ancestors, they thrive in the environment and climate of the Southwestern United States. Our meat is American Grassfed Association Certified!


Kansas/Colorado/Wyoming/Nebraska Only! - Truck delivery, limited regions, click for details.

What are Spanish Cattle?

Brought to the New World from Spain over 500 years ago by Christopher Columbus, these cattle descend from a noble bovine lineage. These cattle thrived in the Americas and quickly “went native” and became the indigenous and dominant bovine specie throughout the Southern and Western States, all the way down to the tip of South America.  They are known by many names, but they are most often called Corriente, Criollo, or Longhorn.  We simply call them Spanish cattle.  They are naturally lean and athletic and the meat from these cattle has a deep, red color and a delectable flavor.