A Growing Number of Gluten Intolerant Sufferers Turn to Buffalo Meat as a Safe Alternative

Gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease is a growing problem in the United States. In fact, one out 133 people in the United States has Celiac Disease. Those affected with Celiac Disease experience serious discomfort when ingested gluten sets off an autoimmune reaction that causes the destruction of the villi in the small intestine and seriously interferes with nutrient absorption and good health. Symptoms vary but may include constipation, diarrhea, anemia, bloating, gas, osteoporosis, even fatigue, weight loss and infertility.

People with gluten intolerance should totally eliminate foods that contain gluten from their diet. Foods that contain gluten include wheat, barley, rye and in some cases oats and many other cereal type grains. That means that most grains, cereals and all processed foods should be carefully examined before consumption by those with gluten intolerance.

Healthful meats such as buffalo meat and other foods like fish, rice, fruits, and vegetables do not contain gluten. People with Celiac Disease are unaffected by foods such as these and can eat as much of these foods as they like.

Eating a gluten-free diet will greatly affect a person's whole life. Those with Celiac Disease need to be extremely careful in what foods are eaten and gluten free products can be very hard to find. Eating out is an even greater challenge. It is very important to review or ask wait staff for the ingredients of foods on the menu.

Some may assume that all meat is safe for those with gluten intolerance. However, this is not true. Pure meats such as buffalo meat, fish and poultry are always a safe bet but be careful when choosing processed meats such as hot dogs and even pre-made patties. Be certain to select only those that are made without fillers such as those offered by The Buffalo Guys. Be extra careful not to purchase those that contain wheat, rye, oats, barley or other fillers.

Fresh vegetables are also very good. All fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables; including dried peas and beans and lentils are excellent examples of acceptable foods for those that are gluten intolerant. One should avoid most salad dressings and cream sauces as these often contain flour. Also canned baked beans and some commercially prepared vegetables quite often have a source of gluten included.

A growing number of people eating gluten free products are turning to The Buffalo Guys products as a safe and tasty addition to their gluten free diet. The Buffalo Guyswww.TheBuffaloGuys.com have seen a marked increase in the number of people who inquire about the contents of their products with respect to the gluten content. They are happy to announce that they have several plainly labeled products that are gluten free and thus safe to enjoy by those with Celiac Disease.

For further information regarding Buffalo Meat and the products available, please visit www.TheBuffaloGuys.com. For further information regarding Celiac Disease please visit www.Celiac.org or www.verywell.com/celiac-disease-401478 . For a great place to find all sorts of gluten free food products visit www.glutenfreemall.com .