Frozen vs. Fresh

Properly frozen meat has many benefits over fresh meat. Firstly, our frozen meat is fresher. That’s right; our meat is fresher than what you can get at your local butcher. That’s because immediately after harvest our meat is transported directly to a professional cold storage facility where it is quickly frozen at -10F to -20F temperatures with large fans to further accelerate the freezing process.

Once meat is frozen it effectively stops the aging process and can be safely kept without damage to flavor, texture or nutritive qualities for over a year. Conversely, meat kept chilled significantly degrades each day and must be used or disposed very soon. You know how long our meat has been kept chilled. How long has the meat at your local butcher been chilled? Does anybody really know? Recently the Wall Street Journal did a blind taste test of several meat purveyors and found that the frozen steaks actually outperformed the fresh steaks in several instances! Buy Frozen and Eat Fresh.