Federal Regulations Prohibit Cloned Bison

The Food and Drug Administration announced in January, 2008 that meat from cloned cattle, swine and goats can be marketed to consumers.  However, to the delight of The Buffalo Guys, the FDA kept the cloning ban for bison meat.

Incredibly, the FDA’s January announcement specified that they will not require any special labeling of meat products produced from cloned animals! The Buffalo Guys feel that the failure to require any special labeling is likely to create confusion among consumers who do not want to risk eating meat from cloned animals.

Essentially, these rulings mean that people buying products containing only 100 percent bison meat can be assured that they are feeding their families meat that was produced without any cloning.

Rest assured that The Buffalo Guys products are made with 100 percent pure bison meat and that there is absolutely no meat from cloned animals in any of our products.

Ken and Peter